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About us

Who we are

ConsultLink is a privately owned consulting company specializing in warehouse logistics with a core focus on providing customers with hands-on assistance in order to adapt their warehouse logistics to the rapidly altering market environment.

ConsultLink’s experts are, first and foremost, independent practicing specialists from Western Europe and Israel. They have many years of successful experience working for international companies in the industry of intralogistics and took an active part in designing and implementing a variety of projects in relation to the retrofitting and construction of warehouses. Furthermore, they have successfully finalized and commissioned various logistics solutions worldwide and are now willing to share their specific methodical and technical knowledge with the customer. Some ConsultLink team members have been in charge of marketing and sales strategies for many years, successfully developing the warehouse logistics market, including automated logistics in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Balkan countries and Israel.

The experience acquired while working for world leading manufacturers of warehouse equipment and logistics systems as well as the lessons learned through business activities in the Russian Federation have resulted in ConsultLink’s team being deeply knowledgeable about all the nuances of the Russian legislation applicable at every stage of accomplishing a logistics project (ranging from correctly compiled delivery specifications, meeting requirements for project documentation and obtaining necessary permits to put an installed facility into operation).

ConsultLink company is registered in Europe with its practicing consultants actively working in Germany, Austria, Israel and in close cooperation with Russian partners in terms of issuing projects and detailed design documentation, equipment certification and imports, technical and designer supervision among other issues.

ConsultLink’s team speaks Russian, English and German.

What we offer

Being impartial and completely independent of any manufacturer and/or supplier of warehouse solutions and systems, ConsultLink provides a complete spectrum of consulting and engineering services in the warehouse logistics sector for production and trade enterprises, including retail and wholesale chains.
ConsultLink offers a large variety of services relating to the logistical design of a warehouse, making informative and collaborative choices with the customer as to the most optimized goods storage and handling as well as order picking solutions, always drawing upon its know-how of the world of today’s warehouse logistics.
ConsultLink consultants will eagerly help you assess the current situation at your warehouse, outline the processes requiring optimization and modernization, work out a logistics project for your future warehouse and elaborate a technical design specification. Furthermore, they will accurately guide you through the global market of manufacturers and suppliers of warehouse solutions, carry out technical project supervision, including, at the customer’s wish, design supervision, coach the customer’s staff who are directly assigned with challenging logistical tasks – the list of other logistics related services to be provided at the highest possible professional level is far from being exhausted.
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The modality of our business

ConsultLink team’s extensive practical knowledge leads to a full understanding of our customers’ business needs.
ConsultLink provides services to companies regardless of their business size and industry.Should it become necessary to redesign logistics at your warehouse with the aim of optimizing the processes, ConsultLink specialists are always ready to collaborate in the most customer centered way possible.
Every customer’s solution is designed and based exclusively on the practical skills and knowledge collected over years of working in the warehouse logistics industry with various complexity levels. Any projects in fields such as:

  • food and beverages production
  • non-food production
  • pharma (production, distribution, pharmacy chains)
  • fashion retail
  • food and non-food retail chains
  • e-commerce

are entirely monitored and controlled by a specialist with the highest competency levels, particularly in the realm of the customer’s activities. This targeted approach to engineering a logistics center project allows the customer to achieve their goals in the fastest and most precise way possible.

Result of cooperation

If you turn to ConsultLink for professional consultancy, you will get access to invaluable experience on implementing those logistics projects all over the world, whose specific nuances in logistics are quite similar to yours.
The logistics engineering for your warehouse will result in a ready project comprising space-planning solutions, detailed drawings of the equipment and components placement, all-inclusive description of intralogistics processes, requirements for the warehouse management system (WMS) functionality, headcount and other related information and calculations.
In addition, ConsultLink’s service portfolio includes elaboration of technical design specification, support throughout the tendering process, assistance with choosing equipment suppliers, participation in negotiations with suppliers, supervision at all project implementation stages and putting the logistics center into operation.


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