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Optimization Offers

Proposals for plans of optimizing logistics processes

Optimizing logistics processes does not always mean full automation at your warehouse.


ConsultLink’s specialists’ possession of technical knowledge about available technologies in the world intralogistics market and understanding of expected investment amounts for logistics projects allow for a very accurate determination of the logistics optimization at the customer’s warehouse. The suggested optimization strategies will help to advance the customer’s business activities to a new, profitable level in a technically correct and financially efficient way.

Benefits arising from close cooperation with ConsultLink at the important stage of drawing up a plan to optimize warehouse operations are:

long-standing experience in successful accomplishment of similar projects in all industries existing as of today, particularly:

  • food and beverages production
  • non-food production
    • retail and retail chains
    • pharmaceutics from production via distribution up to pharmacy chains
    • fashion retail
    • 3PL and 4PL operators
    • fashion-ритейл
    • 3PL и 4PL операторы
    • fulfillment logistics
  • objective and independent recommendations as well as committed involvement in the design of a logistics solution by the ConsultLink’s specialist who has been working in the particular industry
  • high degree of awareness about existing technologies for warehouse logistics, enabling customers to make informed choices about possible solutions which match their business needs accurately and efficiently
  • fast feed-back


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